A Followup Review on SEL-2924 Bluetooth to Serial adapter

After my initial review, writeup and video about the SEL-2924, I read all of the documentation available from SEL’s website (http://www.selinc.com) and found a few things that warranted me doing another video. I made reference in the first video to changing the pairing PIN passphrase to keep others from trying to use your device. You can also take the additional step of making the SEL2924 connectable but not discoverable.

I found that to make the process easiest of getting into command mode so that the configuration items could be changed dictated that you move switch 1 into the ON position and then turn on the device. Once it has paired up with the laptop you are using it with, type $$$ to put it into command mode. When you are successful, you will see the CMD message appear on the screen. The first command that I would suggest that you try is ATD. With the old hayes style dial up modems, this would force the modem off hook and you would hear a dial tone. In this case, you will be put into an abbreviated diagnostic screen that will show you the current condition of the battery and if it is charging or not. The other command, ATSTA, will provide further detail and show you things such as the serial number and mac address of the device to mention just a few of the items that this command generates. The YouTube video that is attached to this post will show you what I am talking about.

YouTube Preview Image
When you are finished changing the configuration items, you should use the ATO command to exit command mode, turn off the SEL-2924 and then move switch 1 on the front of the device back to the off position for normal operation. You will want to download both the Quick Start and User Manuals for the device. I do this with any tool that I have and keep a copy of the Manual in a specific folder in Evernote so that wherever I am, I have the manual and don’t have to remember where I put it the last time I needed it.

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